Booking bus for wedding- Know these tips:

The shuttle bus guests to the property or function room and return home or hotel is one of the most important times if you want to have forever a beautiful memory of your wedding day.

Here are some tips to keep in mind with the bus company to rent your wedding charter bus Singapore:

First of all is to have an estimate of guests who will use the bus. This will allow you to know the number of buses to hire both for the trip and the return, as well as the number of places that each of the buses must have.

  • Define and specify the departure point from which the buses will depart the route they will carry out and the number of stops and their situation for both the trip and the return trip.

  • Know if the company has a fleet of buses and minibusses enough to solve any unforeseen events that may happen during the transfer of guests. You should always have an alternative plan prepared in case any breakdown arises.

  • Look for buses that are new and modern, with wide diversity in the number of passengers and benefits. Guests will get a better impression if vehicles are well cared for and the transportation to the venue is comfortable and safe.

  • If you have a guest with reduced mobility, know if the buses have the systems and special conditioning necessary for the transfer of these people.

  • Be aware of what will be the payment methods for the service, either in advance, after the wedding or on-site at the end of the last transfer. Also, know if it is necessary to leave a deposit in money and how much. Finally, specify the pre-established means of payment for each of the payment. Find out if the contract has commissions or penalties for early cancellation of the service.

  • Establish the number of trips contracted both to the trip and to the return of the place of the celebration, as well as the schedules of the same. Determine if buses will wait for the party to end, specifying that the return schedules are not closed. Full adaptation to the rhythm of the wedding, whether day or night.

  • Make sure that the access to the place of the ceremony and also to the place of the celebration, in case in another place, are safe and have enough space for the buses to maneuver perfectly.

  • Personalization of charter bus Singapore such as headers with the name of the bride and groom, flowers to decorate or vinyl in crystals that allow differentiating the buses in case they match several weddings at a time.

  • Have the contact telephone of the driver of the bus or in your case, the office of services of the bus company to be able to contact in case of any last minute information.

  • In short you have to look for the best price quality option to rent charter bus Singapore, so that it covers all the needs, in the most professional way and with a price that fits as much as possible to your budget.

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