Factors that determine success of your digital out of home advertising platform

Implementation of digital signage takes a lot of preparation. Before you head on to your final day of going live, there are more factors are to be considered than you can possibly imagine. Before you schedule the implementation of the process, it is must to understand the process thoroughly. Besides the hardware part, there are more things such as software, audience targeting and content creation that should be explored. Here we have listed the five main things to consider before you place your digital signage network.

The Environment

The physical space of your kiosk must be among your first considerations. Ask yourself, where would you wish to deliver your message. It would help to determine the various types of signage applications you probably need. In case your signage is to be placed in a high traffic area, perhaps you must consider choosing the right hardware that will enable your customers to interact. Understanding the viewing distance of the audience, whether they could touch the screen can play a big role in the success of your digital signage project. If your audience is supposed to be on-the-go, a simple mobile solution might work best. Who knows, your organization might be benefitted from a blend of static, interactive, as well as mobile applications? Whatever it may be, the physical location of your out of home advertising Singapore based kiosk is all set to determine whether you would get the best ROI. Again, the environment of the location must also be considered. Is there ample lighting? Would your display be placed outdoors or indoors? Is the traffic supposed to fluctuate depending upon day and night? Would you require multiple displays to communicate your message effectively? These details would help your team figure out the effectiveness of the location.

Creating Content

The process of creating content for your digital signage isn’t as easy a task you think it is. It ends up being one of the most difficult areas for business owners to manage. To prepare content for your digital signage depends on how deeply you understand your audience preference and what they wish to see. First of all, you must consider the type of content you would be leveraging. Would your digital advertising boards display emergency content? Or, would it be used for wayfinding? The type of content again depends on the location where your signage has been installed. If you have a clear idea behind the objective of using your display, it would be easier to determine the type of content it should convey.

Hardware matters

With a clear understanding of content and placement, now you must pay attention to the type of screen that you wish to install. Choosing the right digital out of home advertising platform can play a major factor behind the success of your campaign. The hardware includes LED boards, LCD screens, tablets, and even mobile devices. Nowadays, interactive touch-screens are gaining immense popularity. Again, all of this depends on whether you are placing your kiosk indoor or outdoor and the level of customer accessibility.