Is it necessary to top up Aircon Gas on regular intervals?

Using an air conditioner has become a common thing in today’s world and almost all the offices and homes have Ac’ for the purpose of cooling. The general question that comes along with the use of an AC is the services of it. To increase the use of it, all you have to do is to take it for timely services as it will make it more efficient to use. Read along to know more about it.

Along with the maintenance and servicing of your aircon, it is also a necessity to fill gas in it on regular intervals. If you are thinking that why it is necessary to fill aircon gas then here are some of the points that will answer your question:

It promotes better cooling effects: The first and foremost reason for using an AC is the cooling the effect of it. The efficiency of an Aircon gets decreased by almost 20% if there are 10% in the aircon gas. This basically means if there is less of the aircon gas in the unit of the aircon then the cooling effect will also be less as compared to what you desire from it. Though if there is the correct amount of the coolant in an aircon then cooling effects will be better without any kind of addition in it. So, you can say that the most important reason to fill aircon gas is to maintain the cooling effect of an AC.

Reduces the electricity bill: The main reason of worry while using an Air conditioner is the electricity bill that you get every month as an AC takes more energy as compared to the other devices that you generally use on a daily basis and this gets increased more when the Aircon unit works harder for the purpose of cooling a place as it has to work for longer time which increases the electricity bill at the end. So, if you see that there is a decrease in the level of aircon gas then it is better to refill without delaying otherwise you would end up paying a high amount of electricity bills.

Water leaking issue is resolved: There are instances when there is extra water leakage from the AC and it generally happens when its evaporator coil is frozen. The freezing of the evaporator coil can generally make it impossible to use the Aircon till the ice gets melted. The deposition of the ice and the melting of it will increase the issue of water leakage from aircon unit. This will make a place messy and slippery. To overcome this issue, it is a good idea to refill the gas in the unit at regular intervals.

So, if you are also facing some unusual changes in your Air conditioner and the cooling of it has been affected then it is the right time to assess the gas levels in the unit and get it refilled if required.

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