Moving cartons – a cost factor

They are practical, versatile and sturdy – and without them a move usually does not take place at all: Everyone who moves needs moving cartons. But the cartons are not a small cost factor.

Moving cartons are also available in every hardware store, but they are more expensive. However, if you buy moving cartons online then there are great benefits for you.. Another advantage is when you order cartons online: the goods are delivered directly to the house.

Removing relocation cartons

You do not have to buy carton boxes Singapore because there are a lot of dealers or private suppliers who lend relocation boxes favorably. Transport companies also provide relocation cartons. What ultimately is more favorable comes ultimately to the need. If you opt for the rental service and order boxes, you pay either per day, per month or flat rate.

Another advantage of the rental boxes: After the move you will lose the many empty cartons. A good source of packaging material is friends or acquaintances. Just listen to them!

Find carton box in Singapore– and how many

How many cartons do you need to transport your entire property to the new apartment? A rule of thumb is that per square meter of living space you need about half to a whole carton.

What is decisive is, of course, what is to be put into the cartons: Heavy books or fragile porcelain? Large volume but light items? Or do you have so much hanging in the wardrobe that not all things fit into suitcases?

In order to be able to pack the entire household goods safely and securely, there are cartons of various sizes and sizes. In addition to the standard boxes, there are for example:

  • Books cartons

  • Wardrobe boxes

  • High format cartons and

  • Cardboard boxes

And another rule of thumb: buy or borrow too many cartons. This way, you have enough space and you do not have to load the cartons. You do not have to make the move more difficult than it already is.

Well planned is half-packed

You can avoid unnecessary relocation stress weeks in advance, at the latest when you order your cartons. Think about which objects you want to pack and transport, how and when. The good cutlery, old photo albums and other things, which are rarely used, are best to go straight into the cartons. However, you should pack items that are used daily, just before the move, so that you can handle them long enough. These include, for example, important medicines, hygiene articles or the daughter’s favorite animal. Tip: Make sure you have a list of these last-minute items before you start packing your moving cartons.

What type of carton – and how many?

There are also a lot of things to note when writing: You should not use the top of the moving cartons because the font will not be recognizable when stacked. The grip sides are more suitable for your markings. Also make sure that you write down the contents (dishes, books, clothing etc.) and the destination of the cartons (children’s room, kitchen or cellar) on each cardboard box. If you are transporting glass, porcelain or sensitive electronics, mark the respective box with the words “fragile”.

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