Understanding the immense benefits of cord blood

There is lots of buzz about the importance of storing stem cells. Many young couples who are all set the family way are advised to store the cord blood stem cells. Many of you must be wondering if doing this is really important or is it just another advertising gimmick. If these are your thoughts then probably you are not aware of the many benefits that this cord blood has.

A look at the many benefits of keeping cord blood:

Treatment for a number of diseases:

One of the biggest benefits that this cord blood has is that it is useful in curing a large number of diseases. To be precise it can be useful in the treatment of almost 80 life-threatening diseases. It helps in curing different types of anaemia and lymphoma. You are thus gifting your child a protective shield against different diseases.

Shield for your entire family:

By saving this blood you are not just protecting your child but also other near and dear ones. Allogeneic Transplant among siblings is possible. You only need to carry out the procedure to match the cells with that of the sibling. Thus even the siblings can get treatment for a number of risky diseases like different anaemia, luekemia, congenital disorders etc.

The list of diseases and conditions from which your child and the family can be protected is thus endless. So now you must be convinced that you need to opt for this life-saving option for your child. But the question is how to complete this procedure.

Cord Blood banking has answers to all your questions:

These days there are special banks which store the samples with utmost care so that you can utilise the same as and when the need arises. You can select the best cord blood banking Singapore in order to store the cord blood.

There is a specific process that needs to be followed in order to collect the cord blood. But you need not to worry because doctors are well versed with the process. All that you need to do is collect the collection kit from the bank and rest of the things your gynaecologist will take care on the day of delivery. Of course you need to inform your doctor about your plan before hand.

The cord blood bank will then collect the kit and will carry out the required testing process. When you select the best cord bank you can be sure that they will store the cord blood in the best way. There will be worries about contamination etc. But if you opt for the most reputed bank then you can be rest assured that they will take all the precautions to ensure that there is no contamination of the cord blood.

So what are you waiting for? If your baby is going to make its appearance in just a few days then get in touch with the best cord blood bank which has the best quality standards and store the cord blood of your new born baby.