Why your business needs SSD Disk Hosting?

An SSD disk hosting offers more and better resources, which translates into greater security, speed and stability of your web project.

At the moment of hiring a web hosting service of this website, many elements that are important to consider and that- usually- are not understood by all. Dedicated servers, VPS, FTP, c-Panel, SSD, and soon have given you more of a headache for those who are not so knowledgeable in the field.
And it is in this last acronym, SSD, in which we will focus, to explain to you why it is good that your web hosting service has SSD disks, which will give you more and better resources for your web project.


Currently, hiring a web hosting service without SSD disks is somewhat un-thoughtful, since if we compare its performance against the HDD, the balance tilts towards the solid state disks. Why? We tell you in these four determining factors.

In a traditional disk or HDD there is a head, which is in charge of writing and obtaining each of the data that are on the disk. Its operation is similar to what makes a record player more modern. However on a HDD disk there is nothing mobile, since to operate, it does so using chips.

Greater Speed

There are things that should certainly guarantee a hosting. One of these is customer service and technical support, but equally important is the performance and for such a service is fast requires an SSD hosting plans.

HDD systems tend to be slower, since this head of which we speak, must move around the disk to go with the information that is needed. On the other hand, in chips that have a solid state disk, the information can flow with a much higher speed.

More security

As for security, there is a term that is very important, which is the RAID system. This technology makes the presence of faults much more difficult, so that on an HDD disk the information is divided into a disk or two, whereas on an SSD disk it is separated into several chips.
By doing this, the system can better manage any error that may appear, so you will significantly reduce the chances of your information or files suffering any type of damage with a hosting of this type.
If you have a table with three legs and for some fault you fall one, it will fall immediately, while if a table with four legs, you lose one, you can continue working. The same thing happens with a hosting with SSD disks.

More resistance and stability

Any operation of a device that operates with moving parts is damaged beforehand. The same use causes the parts involved to deteriorate little by little and HDD disks are more sensitive to shocks, a great disadvantage compared to SSD hosting plans.

Also, solid-state disks require less power and power to operate, so it is much more bizarre than a disk with these features present problems in terms of service stability, presenting less failure options.

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