Proximity to Schools: An Essential Criterion for Housing?

That’s it, it’s back to school! When parents are looking for a school for their children, having a school near their condominium is a top priority. This option can strongly impact their real estate project: because housing located not far from a school will be a guarantee of success!

The proximity of schools to one’s home is an essential criterion for a large number of households wishing to rent or buy. In addition to the choice of typology and surface area, the decision to acquire a home is made on the proximity of the centers of interest (workplace, shops, public transport, etc.). The same goes for schools, which represent a fundamental selection criterion.

A residential complex located not far from a school will naturally attract families whose children’s ages are appropriate for the level of the establishment in question. The practical side is not the only explanation: due to the congested roads in the city of Singapore, the proximity of schools guarantees peace of mind for parents and efficient time savings in their daily lives.

How about walking to school?

Using active transportation to get to school promotes physical and mental health. Indeed, parents who live close to their children’s school say they are more reassured: “This short walk is good physical exercise for my children. They come to school more relaxed.” confides a condo resident.

Walking to school therefore has many advantages. These clean transports teach your child to navigate and take responsibility in the street while preserving the environment. Each walk helps reduce idling parking, vehicle traffic around schools, and pollutant emissions that spread throughout the school and the playground. Read Amber Sea overview to find out the details about this development.

What is most alarming in all of this is that transport is responsible for 30% of the emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrogen oxides, but also water vapor) in the atmosphere. An average car emits nearly 2 tons of CO2 per year. Enough to start good habits this back to school!

Discover the surrounding environment

Any opportunity to step outside and get a healthy dose of nature is good. The interest is also to discover his close environment, to be in better shape thanks to an active mode of transport and to make known the road safety rules to his child.

Thus, you will calm your mind, improve your relationship with your child and make the vital energy circulate better.

In short, choosing a good address will always remain one of the keys to a successful new real estate purchase project. This is why Amber Sea developers offer you projects that meet all your selection criteria. All in places where you and your family can thrive. The calm, the proximity of services, schools, transport are the promise of a practical life within the residences of Amber Sea. Check out the Amber Sea nearby schools.

Choosing an apartment in any of their residential complexes, you can be sure of the convenience and comfort they offer you.

If you consider the apartment as an investment, that is, for further resale or lease, the developed infrastructure will greatly facilitate the instant search for interested buyers and tenants!