Treatment of the Territory from Mosquitoes

Many are accustomed to the appearance of mosquito bites on the skin in the summer – this phenomenon accompanies every summer season. However, mosquitoes are a significant irritant to sleep and do their own thing in the evening. In addition to unpleasant sensations and severe itching after a bite, which will remind of itself for about a week, mosquitoes can also cause severe allergic reactions and even endure serious illnesses.

The most common of these is malaria. And although for our latitudes this is a very rare infection due to the absence in our ecosystem of the genus of mosquitoes that carry plasmodia, cases of malaria in our country are not isolated.

The presence of mosquitoes can be tolerated, or you can make it so that they no longer buzz over your ear – for this there are various means and methods of protection against these annoying insects, including the help of professionals from the mosquito control Singapore corporation.

Only female mosquitoes buzz and bite a person – they lay eggs in a nearby pond or puddle, after which they fly to stock up on blood for food. Males have a different amplitude of wing movement and slightly different anatomy from females, so they are quiet and not adapted to damage to human skin.

Existing ways to protect against mosquitoes

There are two main methods of mosquito control: repelling and exterminating agents.

The first category includes:

Preparations for skin treatment. If you apply these products on time, you can protect yourself from mosquitoes for a short time, since the smell will make it impossible for them to stop on human skin. This includes sprays, creams, and other liquids. In this case, sprays are applied to clothing and surfaces, while creams and emulsions are applied to the skin. The only drawback of sprays in this case is the impossibility of using them indoors, since the smell at the time of application is quite pungent.

Various bracelets and other items impregnated with special means. They can scare away mosquitoes from the skin for a short time, but this effect will dissipate rather quickly, so it is worth using such a remedy only as an additional measure, or for short exits.

The second group includes:

Fumigators that disorient and kill mosquitoes, as well as various insecticides that are extremely toxic to these insects, but safe for humans and pets. For the treatment of the site to be effective, spraying must be carried out throughout its territory, carefully treating every surface, including grass and areas near water bodies.

The most commonly used insecticides – cyfox, bioneutral, and others – are also toxic to beneficial insects like bees. For this reason, it makes sense to carry out processing with them only during those periods when there is no flowering and, accordingly, there is no high activity of pollinating insects.

Also, many people prefer to treat the area with ultrasonic waves. Their use is also possible in an open area – for humans, these waves are elusive, but they disorient mosquitoes and ultimately kill.

The most reliable way to get rid of mosquitoes for a long time is to order the services of a qualified termite control singapore service. The specialists of pest control management will select special preparations for quick and high-quality processing of premises, and the process of getting rid of mosquitoes will take no more than half an hour. After that, it will be possible to return to the room or to the site, and continue the usual life in which there are no mosquitoes.